Monday, May 10, 2010

If One Is Good…

Well what about more – way more? It’s better – way better….

I love the look of cluster lighting – assorted fixtures, colors, varied sizes, different heights. However you do it, somehow a collection of lighting, especially the dangling kind, makes any day seem like a celebration.

I am always drawn to multiple fixtures in rooms, usually in pairs or threes, but this takes the drama of many to the next level. Immediately drawn in, I just want to be there… So much so in fact that a trip to the Crosby Street Hotel is in my future just to see (image 1: Town & Country ).

So I say why wait for a birthday to jazz up your ceiling? Do it now. But I hope you love your electrician because he may be there for a while. And save your pennies - between the electrician and the fixtures I'm seeing dollar signs...

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