Monday, May 24, 2010

The Big Book Party…

I recently went to Apartment Therapy's launch party for their new book, The Big Book of Cool Small Spaces. It was held at a cool art gallery-like bookstore in SOHO and was packed with interesting people – others in the book, some in PR and publishing, an accesory designer. In addition I also got the chance to meet the AT Therapy staff in person, which was great as I had been exchanging emails with them for over a year.

In talking to a couple of others who had spaces in the book they would ask, what page are you on? Apparently I had not done my homework…. The images are sprinkled through the chapters, and I had not memorized exactly where they were.

Aside from the chat and champagne, I really liked what Maxwell had to say about small spaces – they force you to be more creative. This is so so true. You have to work within the space you have, and make the most of every inch. No over collecting and putting things in the basement – you have no basement. Incidentally I kinda do - mine is Mom’s basement….thank goodness.

I have to say I really love the book. He broke it out in chapters by room. Skipping over a space as a whole, instead he focused on all the small details, highlighting what elements in each room make it work. His approach is similar to mine - I'm a details girl too. Look for a valuable source list in the back.

This book is not a design book of pretty pictures and nothing more, it has substance. If you have not already, be sure to check it out...

BTW that night I felt a little like Cinderella getting ready for a ball… The season has changed and I still haven’t officially moved in yet. With all my spring shoes and clothes still in storage, I had nothing to wear. Uh oh... I bought a shirt on the fly and cinched it in the front with a vintage pin to fit, plus a new pair of shoes. Avoiding drywall dust on the way out, I think I pulled it off well.

Looking good is another one of the perils of being a live-in renovator. And much like small spaces – you have to work with what you have, and be a little more creative. Hopefully if you do it well, nobody will ever know…

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