Monday, April 12, 2010


I am not a minimalist yet in some respects, especially in the bedroom, I am…

I like very little in a bedroom besides the bed, night stands and seating. Dressers for me – never. And desks tend to get messy. I prefer the outward look of minimalism, keeping the room open and all clutter behind closed doors.

To counter balance my inward need for stuff, I maximize my closets and go for customization. I’ve never had anyone else design my closets - no California Closets here, I do this all myself. If you look at what you have, measure it, and provide the layout and specs to a contractor to build, it's not hard. This option will also cost much less.


Shoe shelves are a must. They can be shallow and close together, with taller ones for boots and hand bags. I do not angle them so I can stack more than one pair if I need to.


I always start by measuring my longest dress to figure out where to hang the lower bar - the same goes for pants. Shirts and skirts are measured for additional bars. I like to place a shelf above the lower bars for folded items, and if there’s space, work in a series of cubes - great for sheets, sweats, tanks, you name it. This time around I’m adding another convenience to the mix – a roll out jewelry drawer.

Here’s a great tip - if you have hidden/less usable space on the sides of your closet, build shelves there instead. This is a much better use of space, because I firmly believe if you don’t see it, you won’t wear it. I did this in my last space and loved it.

In the bathroom build a linen closet. You don’t need a lot of depth, and you will love it. For me it’s a must-have. BTW I’m liking my new drawers for make-up and lingerie – super functional and right where you need them when you get out of the shower.

Believe it or not, I actually got my favorite closets right out of the gate in my very first renovation. I created them from scratch using reclaimed doors wall to wall – two closets for hanging, another for folding, and another just for shoes. I loved it!

BUT I actually think my dream, if I had the room, is to have a walk-in. This would also support my love of minimalism and allow me to be messy if I felt like it - and the best part is no one would ever know. Add a cool light and a chair or chaise and jackpot.

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