Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hide & Seek

Now here's a cool design trick….

I met a friend of mine at Luna Bar around the corner recently. After coming back from the bathroom and said, “You have to go.” I knew there was something design related for me to see, so off I went.

Trust me, you would never ever find this bathroom on your own…

It looked like a tall freestanding decorative screen, similar to the one here by Thomas O’Brien, but this one was permanently built-in. Imagine one panel of the screen as the bathroom door, while the other two create a faux front wall.

Attached top and bottom, the net effect? It looked like a folding screen both inside and out. And in case you are contemplating privacy issues – it was flush to the ceiling, so no worry there.

This was a great example of amazing creativity and design appeal all in one. I love folding screens to begin with, but this adaptation was pure genius – very secret room behind the bookcase-ish.

My bathroom is just off the kitchen so this could have been an ideal option. In fact if I did not already have an amazing pocket door in mine, I would consider giving it a try. Just think of all the beautiful possibilities out there…

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