Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good Different

There are certain unwritten rules or common familiarity that influence what we expect to see in design. But every once in a while you see something different that makes you think and challenges your brain to reconsider what good really looks like.

Curtains are typically a mirror image of one another, however breaking this rule has a dramatic effect. I love the pink and orange combination on opposite sides of the window. This took guts. I also really like the effect of layering multiple prints and hanging them randomly out of order. Another option is designing curtains where the front and back are made with different colors or prints, so you get a small glimpse of what is layered behind.

Challenging the norm can be tricky as there is “good-different” and “bad-different”. This is really really goooood.


Helen Guzman said...

i adore this! the color palettes play great visually ; )

Kelly Giesen said...

I do too... Makes me want to do a room in this.