Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Secret Stash

In small spaces absolutely every inch of storage space counts, and sometimes desperation promotes creativity. The behind the curtain trick much like hiding things under the bed is usually a last minute stash for cleaning up in a hurry, but it can be much more than that…

Growing up my Mom once hid my Easter basket there, and I remember hiding behind the curtain when playing hide and seek. In my last apartment I used the space to hide mops, brooms, tall vases and even small appliances. In my dining area, I placed a small TV behind the curtain and concealed the cable box in the wall there too. Watching it was easy – just push the curtain to the side.

My new windows are extra deep so I am taking this idea to the next level by building shelves behind my curtains to hold books and magazines - 11 feet up that's a lot! This picture demonstrates the concept on a grand scale – gotta love it.


Dream Mom said...

I love the idea of building shelves behind the curtain. I always love to see what's hidden, whether it's behind a curtain or in decorative boxes or whatever. And 11 feet is a lot of great space to use!

Kelly Giesen said...

Yes and thank goodness - I need every inch.