Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maximizing Counter Space & Style

When I designed my last kitchen I really wanted a long counter – for cooking, for serving, for parties. This is rare in NYC, as most kitchens tend to be small. I really dislike the look of a big bulky frig in a small space, so I decided to go a different route - under the counter refrigerator and freezer drawers: 3 refrigerator drawers and one freezer.

Conceptually the cubic feet passed the test, and if I were to stack them on top of each other, I would have my standard frig. That said I was still a little worried about doing something different and feeling short on space. Now I know the truth - actually I had way more than I needed…

I like is the ability to organize things so you can easily find what you need – one is a beverage center, another holds condiments and fresh fruit/vegies and so on. Most of all I LOVE the long counter I got by doing this, and custom cabinetry panels conceal all the appliances.

“So where’s the frig?” is a common question I never mind hearing.

Marvel sells a 30 inch double refrigerator drawer system - huge. If only they did a frig/freezer combo drawer in that size – sadly not yet. Sub Zero and U-line sell the 24 inch combination drawers. Other manufacturers sell the all frig or all freezer units. I have one of each size.

As you know I am kitchen planning again and I can say with confidence and from personal experience – under counter is the way to go in a small space. I would do it again a minute! Decision made…

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