Monday, June 22, 2009

Sanford & Son Revisited on West 81st

When we were kids my sister Kristin and I used to get a kick out of the show Sanford & Son about the life and times of a junk dealer. I’m feeling like I'm "living the show" as I get ready for my renovation.

This is one of my favorite parts of the project – finding the "original character". Not original not to my space but to somewhere. It’s fun, but messy as things are piling up in my apartment. The days of hiding things under the bed and in the back of closets are over, so everything I find sits out in the open. As you can imagine, it’s starting to look a little Sanford & Son-ish in here - in a good way.

A couple weekends ago I went to Olde Goode Things Warehouse in Scranton PA. I try to get up there whenever I can, and ALWAYS before a renovation. My Mom comes with me every time, and has as much fun as I do. The warehouse is inspiring and big. We saw so many great things that I have to go back. If you live anywhere close, make a day of it and go!

I was looking for several key pieces and found a big one - the fireplace mantle which is always the focal point of my living space. The mantles are well organized and stacked up to the ceiling. Hanging above my head, I couldn't get a very close look, but the shape and details caught my eye, so I took the plunge.

Sunday night it arrived. I had my fingers crossed I would love it as much up close as from a distance - happily I was not disappointed. The main design detail is an acanthus leaf which is about as big as my hand – a scale I could not fully appreciate from a distance. It is old world pretty, but also has a modern look in the simplicity and shape of the base.

I can already see it in my living room. In fact I can hardly resist the urge to sneak downstairs and set it up against the wall to see firsthand how it will look...

Until then, it sits in my entry hall along side an oval window, a pair of arched gothic transoms, an entry table, a pair of French cabinet doors, a chandelier and whatever else comes through the door next - that is if I can fit another thing through the door...


Dream Mom said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the transformations. You have such a great eye for that!

I love looking around at antique and salvage places too. Many years ago, I purchased some gilt crystal sconces at Salvage One in Chicago, long before they redid their warehouse. Back then, the warehouse was in a decripid area and it was a really, old warehouse...I would try not to look down in case their were mice. LOL! But, they had amazing things-everything from claw foot tubs, to mantles, to sinks, all kinds of hardware... Now that it's been redone, prices are much, much higher and everything is in glass cases and much more organized. It was a little more fun when the doorknobs were in a basket and you could pick them up and look at them.

There is something about bringing something old into a room that gives it added vitality. And often times, the craftmanship is amazing.

Do you have a closing date yet?

Kelly Giesen said...

Salvage yards in cities are typically in bad areas. I remember risking my life in Baltimore buying a cornice for the top of my brownstone. Philly - same thing. But the stuff is amazing and not easy to find, so I tend to go anyway. My friends sometimes cannot believe the places I will go.

I do not have a closing date yet but likely soon - makes me sad and happy at the same time.