Monday, June 22, 2009

Design & Fortune Telling

In the spirit of the design on my new fireplace mantle I Googled "Acanthus Leaf" to see what it means. What I found was a little like reading a fortune for my new space...

- As with many classical elements of design, the Acanthus leaf has underlying meaning. It's said to represent the cyclical nature of life - spot on considering the apartment is going from old and neglected to new again.

- Acanthus is a symbol of peace in the Garden of Eden - true again as my space has always been a peaceful retreat from busy city life for me.

- The Acanthus Leaf has always symbolized the highest degree of refinement and elegance - great forshadowing for my new place.

- Some say the Acanthus, one of the oldest and most common flowers in the Mediterranean, represents long life - good news for me or anyone who lives in the apartment (note: future selling point).

- Historically this design element appears frequently in the art and architecture of ancient Greece and Rome - everything old is new again as traditional goes well alongside modern.

- In Christian art the Anthacus Leaf represents Heaven - can't top that...

The Acanthus Leaf is shown in many forms and it is is a design I have always liked. Other favorites of mine are lambs tongue, pearl bead and egg & dart. I have not picked out my moldings yet, but I may have to consider repeating this design again somewhere...

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