Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Modern Eye Candy - Starburst Lighting

I found “the” chandelier for my next bedroom – a 1960’s Venini Starburst. The Venini name is synonymous with great design. It was founded in 1921 in the Italian glass making capital of Murano - the island of glassblowers. Someday I just HAVE to go there...

Lighting is an absolute favorite of mine - it literally makes a room. I fell in love with 60’s style lighting when I renovated my last apartment, and have collected several styles since. Each one is different and has its own unique personality – a sphere, a snowflake, an opera chandelier and now a starburst. I love the way a modern fixture looks in a prewar space, and am confident this one will fit very well along side the others. I only wish I knew the history and and where each hung before coming here.

I have had my eye on one like this for a while…

It is pretty large at 28 inches wide with nine candelabra sockets, and a chrome base. The starburst design is created by 21 large glass fluted rods, complemented by 19 smaller ones. I will likely replace the chain to get the exact finish and height I want, and may need a new canopy. I am not quite sure as I bought it sight unseen at auction – a very rare and lucky score to say the least.

I know from experience this will be several hours of fun to assemble:
Go up the ladder to screw in each glass rod
Come down and stand back to see how it looks
Go back up to make changes or add more - repeat 40+ times
Screw in 9 bulbs
Flip the switch

Instant happiness...

Believe it or not I have been stalking my starburst for over a year now, waiting for one at the right price. I am still on the hunt for one single or a pair of modern chandeliers for over my kitchen table. I am not quite sure what I am looking for, but you'll be the first to know what I find…

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