Friday, April 24, 2009

Say Hello - My New Sofa

A sofa is a key piece in any living room. I have wanted a new one for quite a while and have explored all the options - reclaimed vintage, an over sized chaise, new custom made, and ready made. After months of this I finally made a commitment. What to you ask? A reclaimed vintage sofa - I fell in love immediately and knew it was "the one". I hear this happens with men and believe it, but right now it happened for me with a sofa.

My "new to me" Hollywood Regency sofa was bought sight unseen, so I have never sat on it. This is not what I usually recommend, but if adjustments are needed after it arrives so be it. I fell for the shape - a curved back with a kidney bean shaped front. I have always been a fan of curves which help break up any rectangular space.

Funny enough I have a smaller but very similar version in my sister's basement. I bought it when I lived in Baltimore years ago. One day I will have it here, but for now it is too small for the living room and too big for my bedroom. Many thanks to Kristin for storing it for me for so long without reupholstering it for herself. What really amazes me is that my taste has remained somewhat consistent after all this time.
It arrives from Dallas Tuesday so stay tuned for the drama of getting it in here. Dr. Sofa is delivering it in the event it will not make it into our small elevator. Fingers crossed...


Helen Guzman said...

I LOVE this sofa!!!

Kelly Giesen said...

I wish you could see it in person as pictures don't do it justice. I am so glad I took a leap of faith and bought it sight unseen as I will have it forever! Vintage designs are incredible... If I ever have a line of furniture, I will be sure to knock it off.