Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What a Mantle + TV Have In Common...

Apartment Therapy posted my living room TV solution. This is not the first time I have used a mantle as focal point and as an entertainment center. The 8 inches it takes up is perfect for the lower half of a mantle. This is obviously a non-working fireplace.

Hanging lower, it is actually more comfortable to watch - no need to tilt you head up and get neck cramps. The cable box and DVD can be accessed through the lower panel and the cable is controlled by an infra red signal. My plan is to place a fireplace screen in front to hide the TV all together when it is not in use. I like the look of the screen (shown above) in Nanette Lepore's home in NYC - featured in Elle Decor last fall.

To all those skeptics out there - it works! You may have to be here to see it firsthand but trust me as I live with this day in and out, this idea is a keeper...

Click HERE to read the "hot" post on apartmenttherapy.com

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