Friday, August 5, 2011

The Split…

Haven’t we all heard the advice – get ready and once you’re all set, take one thing off? Sometimes simple is better, a ½ more pleasing than a whole.

I like how they placed just one curtain panel on the window next to the mantle. It keeps the room open casual and less cluttered. Seeing it here makes perfect sense, but mentally this can be hard to do…

In my own living space where I have one oversized window and a smaller one turning the corner, I also opted for one, but not without some deliberation…curtain-less, two slim panels, or split the difference? It was a hard decision, as “one” somehow feels lazy or unfinished. Not at all… I can see now it was the right way to go. I learned my lesson, and here it is again.

I’m working on a small living space where the plan is to place a mantle between two windows. We’re shopping this weekend for the mantle, and if we find the right one, I’ll go this way again…this time without reservations.

BTW I love the simplicity of this room - how well they blended dark and light, and the curvy chairs… Give yourself a weekend treat - pick up Veranda hot off the presses... The cover had me at hello.

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pve design said...

loved that space....lots of clever touches.