Thursday, March 29, 2012


The multi-talented Tommi Parzinger was at his peak in the 1950’s. Originally from Germany he relocated to the US when it fell under Nazi rule. Once here, here he designed in many capacities – furniture, ceramics, glass, metal, sculpture, and graphics. Wow…as if being good at one thing isn’t enough.

I first fell in love with his pieces on Lexington Avenue in Palumbo and was instantly smitten. Now in SOHO, Palumbo has the exclusive rights to reproduce his designs, so if you’re in the neighborhood, drop in for a look.

Known for clean understated elegance, his pieces are timeless, but for me it’s his use of hardware that’s most compelling. Hardware is everything to me, and his is top notch – fun, unusual, and all around fantastic. Have a look at some of his amazing pieces…and feel free to join the I’m smitten with Parzinger club.

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