Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Random Acts…

In the spirit of yesterday’s post, today’s follows suit with more randomness, this time in styling… This image from Living brought to mind the power of collecting. Give me a reason to collect something I like, and I will…especially when it comes to vases.

I’m always looking to snag a good one whenever I can - from decanters, to bottles, to water glasses, to toothpick holders, to one of my favorites – the short round. I usually scatter them throughout a space depending on the flowers I bring home, but why not cluster them all in one place – like they did here? Some of my favorite arrangements are the tiny ones, where a leaf or two and one bud is all you need to create an eye-catching arrangement. Throw in some bear grass for height if you go tall, and you can easily take a handful of flowers to the next level. AND who doesn’t Love a Gerber daisy – a "one flower is all you need" wonder.

This is the season when flowers here are at their best. It’s hard to resist them on nearly every corner...almost as hard as resisting the urge to buy another must-have vase (temptation guaranteed every Sunday at the 77th Street flea).

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gabrielle904 said...

Talking of flowers we are so close to cheery blossoms[ that was a freudian slip, however thought I would leave it, as they are] and peonies....:) my all time favorite.