Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Kind of TV Trays…

I came across these in the back of one of my design magazines. They’re trays on a stand – like the TV trays of wayyyy back, but a whole lot cooler…

I use a lap tray when I’m eating on my furniture (a big no-no growing up, sorry Mom), but having a stand would come in handy… Even better? If they folded flat so I could tuck them away when not in use.

Imagine these fun little tables in polished chrome or a color – pretty… And how much fun would it be to cut a piece of glass or plexi for the bottom of the tray and customize it with printed paper underneath. I see the most amazing patterns in paper stores, and always think, what could I do with this?

OK, I’m sold… Not that I can get what I just dreamed up, but in case you’re wondering - they’re made by Forbidden City in the UK.

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