Friday, August 12, 2011

Smart Furniture…

How’s this for creative thinking?

What looks like your average upholstered cube is actually space saving magic… Reassembled, it transforms from 1 to 5 individual seats – each at dining height. The bases stack neatly inside the cube when not in use, and each padded side becomes a seat cushion.

Never mind the folding chairs of yesteryear, now there’s the Cubista by Resource Furniture. This reminds me of those hollow wooden dolls that fit one inside another. The bases are incrementally smaller, but the tops are identical, and if none of the stock fabrics are a match, you could easily customize it yourself.

Tune in to the video to see how they work, and if you have a minute, explore the rest of their creative inventory. I’ve posted about their Murphy beds before. All you need is a foot of spare depth, and you too can have a pop-up guest room – a queen or bunk beds.

This is pure genius for the space deprived, and for anyone drawn into modern; but even if you’re not, take a second, get inspired, and feel instantly a little smarter….