Monday, March 21, 2011

Tick Tock - My Empty Wall

I have a big blank space on my wall that needs something… The panel molding is up and it’s ready for whatever I find – but I better find it quick. My apartment will be on the upcoming Junior League House Tour in early May, so time is running out.


That something I’m looking for is a very large piece of art. I had an idea in mind, but when my latest upholstery arrived, I realized what I really need is something simple.

Easier said than done…

Last weekend I attended a photography show at the Park Avenue Armory – nothing there. The next day I went to the Architectural Digest Show which included a pass to The Artist Project. When I rounded the corner, the first booth I saw was “the one”.

Mark Mackinnon is an amazing photographer. He had several images I LOVED, but one in particular had me from the instant I saw it. This rarely happens. I wandered through the entire show and went back again for another look - once again, I felt the same.

Here is a link for more on the talented Mark:

My favorite one was a cropped version of a beach scene in South Beach. It’s very simple and quiet – an empty beach with a few umbrellas and one person. The colors are spot on too, as if I ordered them custom – white, blue, green, gray.

It’s funny, with such fair skin, I’m not a beach girl, so to those who know me well, it may seem out of character. BUT it’s the serenity I’m after, and in a hectic city like NYC, it’s a must.

The images come in a variety of sizes, mostly squares and horizontal panoramics. I Love the look of a square, but for my 11 ½ foot ceilings, I need a rectangle – 40 x 60 or so. To get this size, the image will need to be altered. Fingers crossed it will work.

Stay tuned to see for what happens...

Here is large scale piece of photography in Barbara Barry’s entrance hall. It looks like she found her winner. I wonder how long it took her?

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Lake0z said...

Kelly, Please tell us that after the House Tour in May you'll be sharing some pictures with us!!!! I have been waiting and waiting to see your newest reno.