Friday, October 15, 2010

Big Weekend – Big Month

It’s a big weekend here for design…

The Kipps Bay Decorator’s Showhouse, Ralph Lauren’s new store, and The Modern Art + Design Show – they’re all happening at once.

Kipps Bay was cancelled last Spring when the house, or should I say mansion was sold, so it’s been a LONG wait - I’m excited. I Love going evey year, as it’s always inspiring. Here’s the link to the recent press in the New York Times:

The Ralph Lauren Grand Opening is also finally here – I will catch you up on what I see next week. I’ve been checking their progress from the street for a while now, and it’s Absolutely Stunning.

The Modern – I never met an antique show I didn’t like…..

What’s next? The 16th Annual NY Junior League Fall House Tour - another personal favorite of mine is on Saturday October 23rd. Mark your calendars. You can get information and tickets here on their website:



Friend_on_12 said...

I love the wallpaper, seems to be a big trend now. What always stopped me was the inflexibility re: wall hangings. It's easy to spackle over/repaint walls but how do you deal with wallpaper when you need to change pictures or wall mirrors?

kelly giesen said...

The amount of pattern in the paper will determine if you want additional artwork on the walls, or anything else. If you do, be absolutely certain and preplan well before you put anything up, because you are stuck with the hole afterwards or a costly repair. BTW this paper in person was stunning - it absolutely made the room. This room appears to be a dining room, but it was actually the dining part of an eat-in kitchen. Wow... Overall the wallpaper in general in this showhouse was one of my favorite parts.