Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love Is in the Details…

From my save file comes this ohhhh soooo relaxing bedroom. Mainly monochromatic, its winning appeal is all in the subtle details.

Starting with the bed – I’m not a big fan of an upholstered wall as an alternative to a headboard, but this works because the wall is in addition to the headboard. Both are in the same fabric, but in contrasting styles – a channel back headboard set against a diamond upholstered wall. Together they look amazing.

The shape of the chairs is so elegant and classic, especially the upper back. I just Love them.

It's hard to see here I know, but there's embroidered detail on the inside edge of the curtains - so subtle, but very important as it absolutely makes them. The ceiling mount installation is also spot-on, drawing your eye up and creating a super clean, polished look.

If a winner of a room is the sum of its parts – this truly is it. That is if you can see beyond the washed out quality of the scan.


Valerie Wills Interiors said...

It's very calming and, like you mentioned, I also love the monochromatic scheme.

kelly giesen said...

I agree - I have had monochromatic bedrooms myself and have absolutely loved them - very soothing and relaxing.