Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Black + White + Green

After the black and white post, I was further inspired by the addition of green - apple green. As colors go, I’ve always LOVED green. I grew up with green and it’s the color of trees and grass, so how could you not?

I experienced the effect of green personally when my view of the outside world actually got better by relocating from a higher floor, to street level. Why? The green… Tree lined streets twice reflected in mirrors bring the outside in. It’s like having plants in the house – without the watering.

This cover of Interiors brings black, white, and green together. Look how the outside contributes to room – clearly part of the appeal (a faded scan doesn't do it justice).

Which brings me to this retro inspired coat in the September issue of Vogue – elegant and luxurious in green, and perfectly cast against a black and white floor. Ooh La La…so glam.

Which then reminded me of an inspiring Hotel Lobby in France – the Trianon Palace Versailles. I’ve blogged about it before – so so beautiful, same colors.

Which brings me to the realization that I could go on and on…


Dream Mom said...

I absolutely love that coat! I also love green with black and white. I did a playroom makeover for a seven year old last year with bright green walls with all black and white furniture and accessories. It turned out great.

I've also always loved black and white floors-either in a foyer or I've seen them in a laundry room. I prefer them in smaller spaces though, as opposed to large spaces like a kitchen.

As for the lobby, that is still one of my favorites photos!

Friend_on_12 said...

Did you see this morning's NYT article about the Oval Office makeover in taupe? I couldn't help imagining what you could have done with that room with a strategic infusion of color.

kelly giesen said...

I did see the Times oval office article in the Home section. Sadly I thought it was drab and overall a big miss. I think it should have been more youthful, especially since this President is younger. I found it interesting though that only the former Editor in Chief of House & Garden would actually come out and say so. How often and how many people get the opportunity to design the oval office. So much could have been done...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly!

This post reminds me of kiwi because of the color scheme. Haha.

My wife will surely love this motif in our apartments for rent in Simpsonville, SC. Well, I really don't understand, but she likes anything that's green. Thanks for sharing this. I'll have her look at this.