Monday, July 26, 2010

Style + Guest Beds – Do They Go Together?

The need for a guest bed is pretty universal, so “the usual”, beyond a blow-up, is the office/guest room. This comes traditionally with a futon, pull out sofa or daybed, and from what I’ve seen, none of these options look good or function particularly well. Another drawback? If you’re not careful, they can easily swallow up your room.

A Murphy bed solves this problem and completely disappears. I love these, as you have your room back day to day, but ugly cabinets and the need for construction adds a level of complexity that scares most people away.

A daybed can be hit or miss. We’ve all seen the faux white iron one – a sure miss. The hits are designed to play the part well by looking like an actual sofa. Keep them low, add some fun pillows and a throw, and you’re in business.

This image from Domino has been in my save file for a while… I love the fun shape and the pair of bolsters. They also got the pillows just right. I’m also drawn to the Jonathan Adler adaptation which is skirtless and up off the floor. Super stylish this one would make the room look larger. A corner-fit design by Ballards could also be a winner, if I could customize it a little by lowering the profile closer to the floor.

Guests, sure why not? No blowing up or pulling out necessary - just toss a few pillows and lights out.

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