Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Down Under

I'm always on the hunt for clever storage solutions and one featured recently in Traditional Home fits the bill. It’s the ultimate in non-traditional thinking, swapping doors for drawers, but it works and it looks great too.

After seeing it, I started daydreaming about all I could put in there… Imagine how organized you could be. My only problem- keeping track of what went where.

My current renovation is one of many little drawers. I put them in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen wherever I could – for make-up, lingerie, jewelry, hanging files, and the ultimate – a junk drawer. Growing up Mom always had a junk drawer in the kitchen – the catch all for everything. She still has one, and my sis has one too. Now that I also have one, it’s one of my new favorite things - LOVE it!

So this started me thinking….

Do you have a favorite drawer or a junk drawer and if so where?


  1. I have always loved the jewelry drawer I have in my closet. It is lined in velvet and has a key lock. It makes seeing all my jewelry very easy. The other one is my pajamas in my bathroom vanity. It just seems so convenient instead of having to walk to my closet.

  2. I think I need some pretty velvet! I love the pj drawer in the bathroom idea. I have my underwear there for the same reason - easy to put on right out of the shower.

  3. I like my center desk drawer. All of my desk drawers are lined in a pink toile paper and each drawer has a label on the top side of the drawer so it's not visible when the drawer is closed. The labels have a floral motif on either side of the word; I didn't want it to look like a regular label but something more feminine. The center drawer has a label with my full name. To me, it seems a little more elegant to have a label, kind of like a personal monogram of sorts, than to have nothing at all.

  4. I have a variation of drawers. I have an elevated vanity, so I put three baskets under the cabinet. One for undies (so convenient), one for my hair dryer and the bags I use for my makeup when I travel, and the last one is kind of a junk basket. I keep small jewelry boxes, a few small tools, and keep enough room to stash anything else quickly. I wish I had a staircase, because I love the way all of those drawers look!