Thursday, July 29, 2010

Design for Change…

I am always designing for myself, but with an eye for universal appeal and resale. I never skimp on materials, as my focus is always the same: create a beautiful space for me, for now, but I never really know how long I’ll stay – 5 minutes or 5 years or maybe forever. Who knows? Either way I want to love it on day one and still love it on the last day.

A neutral palate can go in many directions depending on the next owner. Add color on the walls or through fabric and accessories, and everything changes. Marble is one of my favorite neutrals, and beyond that it’s timeless. I never tire of it in kitchens and bathrooms.

By layering in a green fixture and blue and green accessories the owners of this pretty bathroom personalized it, but not permanently. Change-up the accessories and swap out the fixture and the same room would look completely different. Another win - if you splurge on lighting and accessories, you can take them with you.

I do this again and again. In my studio I used slip covers for my dining chairs and pillows to change things up, and in the next space, more than one set of curtains. In my kitchen I have several sets of dishes and a collection of colored glass.

Some shy away from neutrals, and feel they’re boring, but truly they offer the ultimate in flexibility Make changes to any room on a whim or by season, and never get bored - no yawing necessary.

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I totally agree!