Monday, June 7, 2010

Loving Less…

I love the colors and the simplicity of this living room - ever so soothing. I have no idea where it's from, but I wish I was living in it right now. The mess of my current renovation has me “out of my element”, and longing every day for the serene and clean feeling that's here. I’ll get there eventually, but not for a little while - renovation first, then decorating after that.

There is a lot to love here. The vintage chairs alone are to die for and finding a pair is a big score… I also like the repetition of the coffee tables and lamps.

BUT one of my favorite elements here is the sophistication of the lone large piece of art. I'm always drawn in by this look. I want it... All I need is to find something I love enough, that's in my price range, at a time when I have something left to spare after a renovation. Yes then I'll splurge....or more likely I'll buy another wreck and renovate.

Some people feel they need a lot on the walls. Not me. I like the architecture of a room to make the statement, so I always prefer the "much much less is way way more" approach – one great over sized piece that gets noticed. The scale for me is everything - vertical, tall.

It’s not how much you have, but having the right few pieces in a room that really counts. For me this room is absolutely spot on in every way and the net effect is oh sooooo right….

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