Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kitchen Cravings...

I love great food and NYC there is no shortage. You can get almost anything you want, anytime, aside from Mom’s cooking, so I find myself constantly following my cravings – chicken tikka masala, spicy beef salad, dumplings, pulled pork, crab cakes, lasagna, gnocchi, Joe’s cafe latte, Grom raspberry sorbet (June – August only), sugar cookies, lemon bars, bread pudding, chocolate soufflé, and the list goes on and on…

But lately I’ve been having kitchen cravings…

My kitchen is close, but not quite here, because as with all renovations, there’s always “something” - frustrating I admit, but well worth waiting for. My hope is that everything will fall in place in the next few weeks and things will start to happen.

Today I went to my mailbox and I found the perfect solution for my kitchen cravings – House Beautiful. This kitchen made me happy. Normally I’m more of a painted kitchen kind of a girl, but this one in pale wood was soooo calming – and like good comfort food.

It’s all in the details - I Love:

The Calcutta gold marble counter and backsplash - as pretty as it gets

The island at 11 massive feet – only a dream for most Manhattan kitchens

The beams on the ceiling - simple, modern and geometric

The square recessed lights – I have not seen these before

The hidden refrigerators – always a fan of concealed appliances

But one of the big highlights for me was the hood – a custom made cover for the functional one concealed behind. Wow… Hoods are for the most part either not pretty or over done. This one is amazing – in fact, it absolutely makes the kitchen.

Seeing this made me happy again for a little while. I’m still dreaming of my kitchen – a welcome replacement for the stark bare walls I have there now. Soon there will be food and cold drinks in the apartment again, instead of menus and last night’s takeout boxes.

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