Wednesday, February 10, 2010

White Magic...

I went to Central Park during the recent blizzard with "friend on 12" and honestly I could swear I was out deep in the woods somewhere, not in Manhattan. Everything was absolutely stunning in bright soft white - a real life winter wonderland.

It's always nice to get a freebie day once in a while to experience a beauty that happens here so rarely. Even better when a friend has a snow day too. Seeing it from the window is amazing - the Planetarium and Park covered in white is hard to top. That said being out there in it is one better - dream like.

This afternoon made me think about the magic of white, inside and out.

So what color is snow white? Whites vary a lot. My white of choice in this apartment for ceilings, cabinets and molding is Benjamin Moore's Super White, a departure from my trusted Decorators White, but a better choice here.

My last two spaces were washed in shades of creme and white, referred to by many as "the white apartments", but not really. Ivory hides imperfections, especially in architectural salvage, so working with it has benefits. BUT there's something about a bright white that makes me crave the real thing - a way to capture the same feeling I had in today's blizzard all year around.


Lake0z said...

I too love the color white. And yes, I believe it is a color. White makes me feel happy. A bright room is so inviting. I'm just not one of those people who think white walls are boring. I like to use accessories and fabrics to bring in the color. My walls, woodwork, mantel, kitchen cabinets,shutters are all white and I love my space. I love snow too, so thanks for sharing the picture with us.

Kelly Giesen said...

Yes. The great thing about using accessories to bring in the color is that you can change them on a dime - I love having that option.