Monday, January 25, 2010

A Classic...

I have always had Barbara Barry’s desk on my personal wish list… In fact when I was renovating my bathroom I considered it for my sink base, but even with 10 feet of space, I couldn’t fit it in - no way no how…

Here it is in a bathroom as a dressing table – ooh–la-la.

Everything about it is pretty. The drawers are carved in a classic rippled pattern. The hardware is a bracelet pull. The legs are complemented with polished nickel feet. It's called a lady's desk, and it truly is, but in addition, I'd call it a classic, just like her.

It comes in crème but I also wish it was offered in white. Not yet but for someday when I snap it up. If not I’ll have it sprayed. I wish she made nightstands in a similar design, because if she did, I would want them too.

A friend of mine around the corner just ordered it, although I have not yet been by to see. My someday is her now. I have to say, I’m jealous… For now I guess I’ll have to settle for just visiting it there and in the store.


Dream Mom said...

That is very pretty. I would love it in cream though but I can see how it would look just as pretty in white. I love the feminine detail.

It reminds me of a desk I purchased about ten years or so ago, to go in a bay window in the master bedroom of my apartment. When I saw the half round desk, I knew it was the one for me. It was a dark wood, with a leather inlay. I still use it as a desk but will most likely use it as a dressing table in the future. (You can see the photo on the front page at Shortly thereafter, I saw it on NM website. Currently, I am thinking about redoing the desk in a cream color and placing a monogram in the center of the desk and using it as a dressing table.

The Famous Home said...

I think she does make a similar shaped nightstand
Click on storage then on nightstands

Kelly Giesen said...

DM: I love a 1/2 round desk - so pretty.. It will be great as a dressing table. I love the idea of that as you can showcase pretty things.

And FH: You are right about the night stand thank you! Silly,in my head I am looking for one that has just one drawer to show more of the wallpaper behind it and and make the room appear larger/more open. Sadly I am always thinking this way, living in a small space. In this new bedroom I have room for the bed and 2 nightstands and that will be it. Well aside from a window seat which counts as a chair - kind of.