Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mixing Modern and Traditional Styles

In the recent Vogue article featuring Kelly Wearstler’s home, I was most taken with her interior courtyard. I love the style of her French doors, the sloping shape of the roof, and the round boxwoods are terrific – an absolute favorite of mine.

I put this photo it in my save file as all of these elements are things I like, and very reminiscent of what is happening somewhere in my current renovation.

The French doors are the same style as my kitchen cabinet doors. I chose this design as it is modern, yet traditional at the same time. My hardware will lean towards my more modern side, while the bones of the apartment are more traditional. Take a look at my kitchen entrance door here. I found it at salvage yard, and it came all the way from Paris to pretty-up my space in New York. The style is the same, but the corner rosettes give it a more traditional look. Notice the over door molding. It looks strikingly similar the regency style roof I liked in the courtyard.

The boxwoods get me inspired for decorating my front balcony. They will sit outside my windows to give a little privacy and cover the view of passing traffic below. Another plus - they’ll bring a little greenery to my view year around.

The kitchen is on track for installation in January. Stay tuned and be here when it all comes together.

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