Monday, December 28, 2009

A Little Tub Talk Between Friends

Just when you think you have everything figured out, new challenges creep up. It's no surprise to me by now, every renovation has them and you never know ahead of time what they are.

This time I had a little tub trauma. I made every effort to save the original one, but the non-slip surface was filthy and could not be cleaned. Since resurfacing looks great initially but never lasts, it HAD to go.

I wanted cast iron/porcelain enamel not acrylic, however as usual being picky makes things difficult.

A Salvaged Tub
I hit the salvage yard many times and measured every one they had. I saw tubs that were nice and deep with really beautiful curves, but not a single one was a match – too long, too shabby, too wide, or the placement of the drain or apron was all wrong. I finally faced reality and started looking at new.

A New One
Every new tub I looked at in cast iron had the dreaded non-slip surface which looks ugly and starts out dirty from day one. I got rid of the last tub for that exact same reason, so this was not an option. I looked everywhere. My contractor also tried. Even my Bath Guru had no ideas. Uh oh...

I was just about to give up when I found one at Waterworks - a lovely drop in that is perfect and a tad deeper than the standard size, a bonus for baths but not too deep for a shower. I imagined it with a carved marble apron and loved the fantasy, but in reality, the salvaged circle cut paneling I already have will look equally great, and it's paid for. I like to think of that as free.

Once in, nobody will give it a second thought or realize the effort that went into finding it. Only me, and now you. There are two types of people - tub people and shower people. I’m a tub person. Don't get me wrong I shower everyday and love it, but when it gets cold outside there's nothing better than sitting in bubbles to warm up. Someday I want “the one” that sits in the middle of the room by itself and has a separate amazing shower. Until then I have the Minna Tub...


Dream Mom said...

I am looking forward to seeing the renovation. I am glad you were able to find a tub without the non-slip surface. I understand why they are needed however you would think there should be more options out there.

I love tubs too. I watch some of these home renovations shows and see where people put in these elaborate showers and no tub and I think to myself that I would never, ever buy a home without a bathtub. Soaking in a tub is a luxury and I can't imagine going without.

Kelly Giesen said...

Who knew the non-slip had taken over? There must be a better way. None of the old tubs have it and I would prefer a non-slip self application rather than requiring everyone to have one that looks dirty. I totally agree on having a tub - a must-have for me. I am counting the days until I can use it...