Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nice Surprise...

The other day I got a nice surprise in the mail – a copy of the October issue of Old House Interiors containing an article called TV Camouflage. I was really excited to read it and see that my media solution made the cut.

They called me a while back to do an interview about my TV in the mantle solution and now it’s officially hit news stands. If you have a minute, go to Barnes & Noble and pick one up. The article covers many interesting ideas including:
- Cabinets with hidden motorized lifts
- Artwork hinged side to side or vertically
- My mantle solution

Camouflaging the TV in the room is something I am always looking for new ways to do, and this article came right as I am planning for three in my renovation – living space, bedroom, bath. This article expanded some of the ideas I am considering and keeps me thinking. Should it be recessed in the wall behind artwork, hinged up, hinged sideways, split, in one piece? Will it be easy to use, look good when open and closed, interfere with other objects? So many considerations…

The good news is that flat screens are getting slimmer. Samsung has 1.5 inch screen these days. However with the good sometimes comes the bad. Right now black is king and I live in a light space, so finding one in silver or white is the new challenge.

I hope the day will come when you can customize exactly what you want color-wise or have technology that disappears when not in use. This idea may sound far fetched but the speakers I plan to put in the ceiling do just that. Stay tuned for more on that another day


Lake0z said...

Congrats Kelly! I love this idea. It has been of my favs since I discovered your work on SSBS on HGTV. I love everything you do. You are so creative!

Dream Mom said...

Congratulations on the magazine article. I'll have to check it out.

As for televisions, I like the white Samsung. I was looking for a white t.v. a few months back and the only place I could find the white Samsung was on Amazon.com (I eventually purchased a black one but that's another story.)

One of the most beautiful ways I have seen to camouflage a television was on the season finale of Design Star. Dan, one of the finalists, hid a television over a mantel and did it behind a beveled mirror-the mirror was framed and split open in the center. You didn't notice it when at all when it was closed and even when it was opened, looked quite beautiful in the room. Not sure if they have a photo of it on the website, but it's definitely worth checking out.

Gabrielle said...

I love the tv in the mantle, the practical being camouflaged by the beautiful mantle. Do you remember how the idea came to you?
PS I really enjoy reading your blog, thank you for doing it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I know this is small fries compared to that, but I gave your blog an award on my blog Sketch42blog.com

Kelly Giesen said...

The idea came to me because I wanted a mantle more than an entertainment center in my studio. After staring at the mantle for a while, I thought the opening would be perfect for my TV. And it worked.

Thank you all for reading my blog and thanks for the award on your blog - I am thrilled.