Friday, July 31, 2009

Decanters - A Favorite of Mine...

I can’t stop buying decanters, and I don’t drink enough to like them this much.

Decanters make such elegant accessories. Filling them with liquid whether clear or colored looks pretty. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and look great alone but best clustered together. I especially like the etched or cut glass ones. I pick them up at flea markets and antique shops whenever I can.

You can’t talk about decanters without mentioning the stoppers. It’s really the stopper that gives each bottle a unique look and in fact most were designed with some WOW factor in mind. My favorites are the elegant crystal ones. And yes there is a difference between crystal and pressed glass – you can tell from the sparkle they emit (crystal) or don’t (glass). When I run across a pretty stopper on its own I snap it up for my collection.

I also buy decanters without stoppers as they make amazing vases. The bottle is substantial and well balanced, so all you need is a handful of flowers and a little greenery to make a beautiful arrangement. Wider mouthed decanters also work well for water on the table.

I love anything that is pretty and multi-functional – decanters win on both fronts and make a statement in any room. The same can be said of the sister to the decanter – perfume bottles. Love them too...


Dream Mom said...

Beautiful photo! I love the decanters as well as the detail on the fireplace mantle. You make me want to paint everything white. What sets you apart from others that use all white is that your spaces are always feminine and elegant and not beachy or country. (Yes, I still like those too but I probably couldn't live in those.) I might have to start collecting decanters after this. They look just lovely.

And you are so right about the crystal; there isn't any comparison between that and pressed glass.

Helen Guzman said...

HI Kelly!

I am going to have to own one myself. LOVE IT.


Kelly Giesen said...

Thank you both. You will not regret collecting them - in fact it may be hard to stop.