Monday, May 25, 2009

Winter's Frosty Texture

I love glass - etched glass, patterned glass, and mirror. By being creative you can customize your space by incorporating glass into windows, doors, and cabinets. I use it in place of clear glass in windows that have no view, in bathrooms, or for privacy from close neighboring buildings.

Patterned glass allows light to travel between spaces and distorts but does not completely mask what's behind it. One of my favorite patterns is glue chip glass. Its tiny crackled designs look like frosty snowflakes trapped on glass. Glue chip glass has been around for a long time - I see it frequently in my travels through salvage yards.

To create the crackle pattern, clear glass is sandblasted first. A glue and water mixture is applied next. As the glue dries it grips into the pores caused by the sandblasting and shrinks. This process chips off the top layer of glass and creates the classic frosty pattern. Sounds messy... This is clearly not a DIY project I plan to try - better leave this to the professionals.

This glass is pretty but pricey, so keep this in mind and use it sparingly.

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